Cairo 3A Poultry

Founded in 2017

Cairo 3A is a market pioneer in the poultry industry with a highly advanced and innovative vertical integration system that delivers quality and success on matchless scale.

Having achieved phenomenal growth over the last years, we are proud to say that this has allowed us to be the exclusive supplier of Hubbard grandparent stocks in Egypt.

Our advanced integration cycle involves full machinery and automation of the poultry production cycle - starting from producing high quality poultry feed to our grandparents, breeders and broiler farms passing by hatcheries, slaughterhouses, processing factories, and distribution networks.
We are excited to introduce a new concept in the Egyptian market, where we are building a fully integrated poultry city

Providing 60,000 tons of meat/ year in the first phase and 120,000 tons of meat/ year in the second phase. This additional production is expected to make Egypt become self-sufficient for Broiler meat.

With an authorized capital of 250 Million EGP, the mega poultry project established at 27,000 Acres, located in the Bahareya Oasis, in the western desert of Egypt, with our breeders, broiler farms and hatcheries.

In 2019, Pyramids Poultry joined Cairo 3A Poultry with its Breeders and Broiler Farms, Egg Hatcheries Slaughterhouse and Feed and Oil Factories.

In 2020, Cairo 3A Poultry acquired Misr Group farms which consists of Grandparent farms, hatcheries and a feed mill, located in the area of Wadi Dara, Ras Ghareb.

With our modern technology, we go beyond the traditional methods to enhance production and transform the future of poultry farms with specific global quality standards and a commitment to environment and food safety.

Cairo 3A Poultry is fully dedicated to offer a wide range of products to cover every day needs. We supply day-old parent chicks across the country in order to produce healthy chicken meat, as well as products such as frozen, chilled and processed chicken meat. For this reason, we raised the quality bar that targets all market segments, as we believe that it is vital to serve nutritious food to achieve global food security and health.