Message from the CEO

In Cairo 3A Poultry, we are guided by a clear goal which is to Provide high quality nutrition for our consumers, in order to ensure an efficient productivity and a better Future.

Ever since its establishment, Cairo 3A worked tirelessly towards providing the highest qualities of poultry through a highly advanced and innovative vertical integrated system; and as a result, it became a leader within the poultry business in Egypt and the MEA region.

Our vision towards the future is shaped around establishing agro-commodity mega projects that serve our Purpose. We aim at enriching the lives of individuals through producing high quality food commodities. We also aim at ensuring that Egypt’s young rising population receives all the proper high quality nutrition they need.

We understand the importance of relationships and quality collaboration with suppliers all around the globe. Thus, we achieved to become a HUBBARD supplier and distributor of Grandparent stocks in Egypt. This distinguishes us from the rest of the market as it proves that we provide premium food products.

Every day, our responsibility is to strive to do what is right in our business, our society and with each other. In Cairo 3A, we provide a wide range of employment, training and internship opportunities to consistently discover new talents and develop them.

Finally, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Group and our partners, I would like to thank our employees for their constant efforts and dedication. None of this is possible without the combination of the individual talents and the extraordinary expertise provided by leaders and consultants within our company.

Going forward, Cairo 3A is going to expand and innovate to ensure the highest standards of quality of all our products.

Dr. Amir Iskander
Chief Executive Officer