Farms & Hatcheries

Our modern farms and hatcheries represent a crucial role in our success.

Located in the Bahareya Oasis region in the Western Desert of Egypt, Cairo 3A Poultry farms are spread over a vast 27,000 Feddans landscape, about 250 km away from Cairo.

We currently have 4 Grand Parent Farms and a Grand Parent Hatchery with a yearly capacity of 8.85 Million Hatched Eggs, 12 Breeder Farms and a Hatchery with an annual capacity of 102 Million Hatched Eggs, and 25 Broiler Farms with an Annual Meat Production Capacity of 60,000 Tons.

Within the upcoming two years, additional facilities coming on stream will accelerate the production capacity to keep up with the high demand for breeding stock.


Cairo 3A Poultry's slaughterhouse is specialized in Poultry Processing through various poultry slaughtering machinery, and highly qualified professionals in the field.

With a current production of 6,000 Birds/hr, our professional veterans, with significant experience in the field, monitor the chickens around the clock in every step throughout the bird’s journey. We process our chickens according to Islamic law, and this is monitored to make sure of the hygiene processing.

We have the full capacity to increase our production; hence, Cairo 3A Poultry is preparing to speed up the production rate to 16,000 Birds/ hr in 2 phases with an investment cost of EGP c. 700 million.
Consequently, we are building a solar power station and opening 14 more Broiler farms with 12 houses in each farm - a total of 168 modern houses.

We are also constructing 9 Breeder farms with 6 modern houses in each farm.

The Bahareya Oasis is the perfect environment for poultry production as its broad isolated areas and dry climate prevent the spread of diseases and epidemics among the poultry.

Cairo 3A Poultry is committed to provide a sustainable breeding environment to ensure high-quality nutritious products. Our poultry farms and hatcheries are equipped with absolute safety and health mechanisms that create a tidy and conducive environment and are managed by professionals responsible for the day-to-day running operations. They are always kept clean in compliance with health and safety regulations to maintain the proper handling of our chickens.

We are in control of each step at our production chain. For this reason, we pledge to assure top quality and meet our costumers expectations.